Packaging wholesale

We are a wholesaler of packaging products as well as sweets, sugar free products, liquorice and chocolates.

Our packaging wholesale product range includes:

  • Ballotins gold
  • Ballotins silver
  • Ballotins white
  • Ballotins cocoa pod
  • Cellophane roll
  • Cellophane boxes
  • Clear bags
  • Patterned bags
  • Triangular bags
  • Craft paper bags
  • Closures
  • Curling ribbon
  • Ribbons
  • Sealing tabs
  • Decorated packaging
  • Empty boxes
  • Glassines
  • Mini labels
  • etc…….

A very small selection of our packaging wholesale products:

bags no cardboard bal mat g2 CURL RIB SHINY ETIMED dc250 and others DEC BAGS WHITE CARD dijkstra 3273 dijkstra D299865 blokbodemzak_60_50x200mm_40my_rood LR dijkstra D400494 x BONBON DOOSJES flower bal red web gold boxes empty web PLTR40L ROLL CELLOPH

by Bliss Drive Review