Liquorice Wholesale Products UK

We are a wholesale company for liquorice products and we stock over 200 different types of liquorice and over 30 types of sugar free liquorice, usually in stock for immediate delivery, at very competitive prices.

We sell liquorice at wholesale prices in all these flavours: lemon, caramel, apple, mint, honey, banana, strawberry, chilly liquorice, salt, double salt, triple salt, chocolate, root liquorice, sweet, soft and sweet, hard and sweet, pure liquorice sticks, acacia liquorice, aniseed, raspberry, liquorice creams, liquorice torpedoes, salmiak liquorice, boiled, liquorice toffee, school chalks, toffee liquorice,  liquorice foam, chocolate covered liquorice, lime, herb liquorice, jelly belly liquorice, liquorice lollies, etc….

We also stock gluten free, gelatine free and sugar free liquorice.

For the REAL liquorice lovers, we sell liquorice tooth paste, liquorice spaghetti, liquorice after shave and even liquorice shampoo.

Liquorice is in high demand in the UK, for more information about liquorice, please visit:

Our liquorice wholesale range includes:

  • Salt liquorice

  • Sweet liquorice

  • Extra salt liquorice

  • Double salt liquorice

  • Triple salt liquorice

  • Gluten free liquorice

  • Italian liquorice

  • Swedish liquorice

  • Amarelli liquorice

  • Chocolate liquorice

  • English liquorice

  • Dutch liquorice

  • Belgian liquorice

  • Finnish liquorice

  • German liquorice

  • Icelandic liquorice

  • Italian liquorice

  • Mint liquorice

  • Spanish liquorice

  • Sugar free liquorice

  • Liquorice roots

  • Liquorice lollypops

  • etc….

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