Easter and Valentine wholesale products

Besides a large range of all year round products, we are also a wholesaler for Easter and Valentine products.

Only a VERY small selection of our wholesale products is shown here. For our full range, please request our brochures or download our brochures and request a trade price list. Easter and Valentine wholesale products include:

  • Bulk chocolates
  • Cuddly Toys
  • Dairy free eggs
  • Displays
  • Easter bags
  • Easter ballotins
  • Egg bases
  • Filled eggs
  • Filled Half shells
  • Filled packaging
  • Foiled bunnies
  • Foiled eggs
  • Gluten Free eggs
  • Half shells
  • Hollow eggs
  • Hollow figures
  • Lollipops
  • Sugar Free
  • Packaging
  • Pre-packed boxes
  • Speckled eggs
  • etc….

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Wholesaler Valentine products.

Here is a small selection of the valentine’s product we sell:

  • Bulk chocolates
  • Chocolate hearts
  • Fancy packaging
  • Foiled Hearts
  • Heart lollies
  • Heart mugs
  • Valentine bags
  • Valentine boxes
  • etc….

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