Bulk sweets wholesale products, bulk chocolates and bulk sweets

Besides bulk sweets wholesale we also sell bulk chocolates wholesale. Here is a very small selection of the bulk sweets wholesale products and chocolates we sell:

  • Bulk chocolates
  • Cerisettes
  • Chocolate Dragees
  • Chocolate Raisins
  • Chocolate Almonds
  • Chocolate Peanuts
  • Liqueur Chocolates
  • Chocolate Ginger
  • Italian Nougat
  • Jelly Belly beans
  • Joris Sweets
  • Marzipan
  • Marzipan logs
  • Fudge slabs
  • No “E-” numbers sweets
  • Orangettes
  • Sugared Almonds
  • Rock Sweets
  • Toffees
  • Round Truffles
  • Flaked Truffles
  • Golf Balls
  • Turkish Delight
  • etc….

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